15 ways to make $1000 Work from Home: 15 Free Ways to Make Money and Freelance jobs & Side Hustle

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15 ways to make $1000 Work from Home: 15 Free Ways to Make Money and Freelance jobs & Side Hustle

15 ways to make $1000 Work from Home: 

15 Free Ways to Make Money and Freelance jobs & Side Hustle

35 Legit Online Jobs to Make Easy Money in 2020

This year 2020 is the most devastating and most hardest time of all years. If you have only 1 source of income from your day job then this hits you hard because some companies have a policy of no work no pay but some are lucky to have a work from home jobs from their companies. Other Physical Business also go closed and other freelance business owners can’t make money because every city are close and all people are at there home. This COVID 19 pandemic teaches us that physical jobs are all dead and other people earn money online.

Best Online Work Ideas While Working A Full-Time Job

But lucky for you, because we will show you and help you to start with your side hustle and make money even at your home with your loved ones and family. Earn money for free by starting doing one of these 15 creative ways to make money at home. You can still start one of these today even you have your day job or your own business or other freelance jobs.


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1. Make Money taking picture from your Phone or Camera: Click Here to Start Making Money with your Photo.

2. Looking for Tutor Jobs Online? Join here and Start Making Money doing Online tutor jobs.

3. Data Entry jobs and Encoding online jobs. Want to earn fast try this now today and Earn with Data Entry Work from home jobs.

4. Writing Online jobs? Learn how this guys earns a thousand from writing to wealth!

5. Get Paid to use Facebook, Twitter & YouTube for FREE! Do you want to know how people earn from social media, check this out today and start earning $50 per hour to use social media!

6. Best Paid Online Writing Jobs for Beginners! No Experience needed and Fast Way to earn money. This is my side hustle and helps me earn $245 per week just writing 3 times a day for just 2 hours. Start Making Money today Writing Online jobs at your home.

7. Virtual Assistant Work From Home Jobs. No Experience needed and No Requirements at all just Create your free account and Start Earning with Virtual Assistant job today!

8. Free Paid Surveys to Earn Cash Fast! Check how this girl earn $3,500 per month just doing Paid Surveys Online at your home!

9. Rich Dad Poor Dad. Want to know the Secrets of Millionaires? Discover 7 Ways to Create a Sustainable, Passive Income for Life So You Can Work Less, Earn More & Finally Escape The Rat Race. Join this Free Summit for Rich dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and changed your life. This have changed my life and now I’m working for myself & become my own boss, working from home comfortably & more time with my family!

10. Make Money from YouTube without creating a single video! Join millions of members and get access on How to Earn Cash in YouTube without creating video!

11. Learn How to Make Money On Twitter! Do you have twitter account? Then you can do this easily and earn cash today with Twitter! Passive Income guide

12. Get Paid to Watch Movies in Your Spare Time! Learn this Lazy Money Hack, to earn money just watching movies. Claim your Free Gift Here!

13. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing that helps a lot of people and start earning $1,200 per week! Earn Fast Cash with this System to make money for you! No Experience and technical skills needed, anyone can do this. Make Money today with this Affiliate Marketing system Money Hack!

14. Earn Creating Ebook without writing! Make Money with this Scribble world number 1 creating Ebook. This Helps me Create my first ebook and now earning from it every year without me doing any work. I believe this product can also help you without any knowledge about creating ebook, you just need to follow there easy steps and in minutes you can create ebook and start making money!

15. Earn through Side Hustle with RemoteTask – These help me to earn extra money while I have my business and my other freelance jobs. You can make between $100/day or even $800-$1,200 per week! You can do this for a few hours and start making money today. Join Here for FREE and Make Money!

16. Get Paid for Surveys in Philippines 2020 by MOBROG.  or Panel Place This is the Free Legit way to make money. My friend and me is earning $10-$50 in a week, it is not that big but it is so easy to do it and i like answering survey and it is fun. You earn by answering surveys. Try today and make money while at home or anywhere just answering surveys and there is no limit. Join Here Now in MOBROG. Join here in Panel Place.



So here are the 15 ways to make money at home! 

Earn $1000 – $2,000+ at your home just using your smartphone or computer.

Virtual Assistant in India Is Worth To Hiring? | VA Guys 111

1. Virtual Assistant. 

Meaning from Investopedia – A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office. A virtual assistant typically operates from a home office but can access the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely at their home.

Virtual Assistant provides online assistance with their clients for works or jobs like, social media management, Email Marketing, Content Writer, Content creator, encoding, admin work, office related work, or following up clients or similar.

What are the skills you need as a Virtual Assistant? You need to have computer skills, good writing skills, speaking skills, listening skills, and be flexible to do other related jobs, Self-motivated and quick thinker and can work with less supervision almost similar to physical jobs but you are in a virtual setup.

Here is the list of the website you can apply for virtual assistant jobs:
a. Fiverr.com
b. Monster.com
c. jobstreet.com
d. task bullet
e. Virtual staff finder
f. ova virtual
g. remote tasks
h. online jobs.ph
i. TaskRabbit

Programmers and developer teams are coding and developing software ...

2. Coding. 

Today we see the importance of computer engineers, computer developers, and people who are in a career of coding. You can learn to code today and start with basic tutorials and today you can learn through youtube or online videos for free. Computer developers earn money at their home and having a salary ranges from $10,000-$100,000 per month! Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps, and websites.

Today many companies are hiring and pay high salaries for people who can code because this is very important in our time and it helps to make a machine do something for us and improve people’s lives and make our lives easier every day. There are many things that coding can help people. So if you want to code then you can start a hobby and start learning online today and don’t waste your free time watching movies on Netflix or wasting on toxic relationships or playing games. You see you can’t turn back time so make sure you always do something that is profitable for you in the future.

Is Active Investing Right For You?

3. Stock trading. Stock trading is the best way to invest your money, but like any investment, you need to study it and do more research before you invest in something. You always need to study first the market before you invest or you’ll be like betting your money to waste. If you are new to stock trading you can look for mentors or find a stock manager in the company you choose. You can read books or watch informative videos on doing stock trading. Learn How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners even little money. Ultimate Guide 2020

Here are the best online stock trading sites for beginners:
TD Ameritrade – Best overall for beginners.
E*TRADE – Best web-based platform.
Fidelity – Great education and research.
Charles Schwab – Excellent research tools.
Robinhood – Easy to use but no tools.
ColFinancial – One of the pioneers of stock market trading, COL Financial was launched in 1999 and has established itself as one of the top brokers when it comes to stocks.
BDOnumura – BDO Nomura is a joint venture between the country’s largest bank, BDO, and Japan Nomura Holdings.
First Metro Sec – The stock brokerage arm of the Metrobank Group, First Metro Sec was established in 1994.
BPI Trade – BPI Trade is a full-online trading platform from the stock brokerage arm of BPI, BPI Securities.
Philstocks – Philstocks was established in 2001 and is considered one of the pioneers when it comes to stockbroker services. They offer a full online trading platform along with a dedicated mobile app both for Android and iOS.

 Learn How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners even little money. Ultimate Guide 2020

Problem Solving & Decision Making – Society Education

4. Social Media Manager – The job of a social manager is to manage social media apps of companies, people, business owners, or brands. As a Social media manager, you have to create awesome content, connect with people, customers or targeted people and also to manage their social media and help them promote it more and gain profit from their business. 

You can find jobs online to apply and start working. What are the requirements of a social media manager or assistant? You need to be good at communication through written and oral. You can earn from $100 – $5,000+ per month as a social media manager. it depends on how much value your provide.

Coronavirus could spark a revolution in working from home. Are we ...

5. Web Designer – A web designer is someone who is both creative and technically inclined, and uses both these attributes to build or redesign websites. 

The web designer has the ability to understand what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use, but at the same time make it aesthetically appealing to the user. Web designer is also important and crucial for business owners who have their websites. Every website on the web needs a great user interface with the help of a web designer.

Hacks for Remote Workers During Self-Isolation - Aspire Cambridge Ltd

6. Content Creator – This is one of the most in-demand and profitable skills you can learn and can help you make money online at your home. If you know how to create video or vlogs, articles or blogs, create infographics or image content then you can start doing this today. 

You can earn by applying as a freelancer content creator or either create your own online business with blogging, blogging, or with your personal account. You can make money with advertisement, affiliate or sponsored post. You can use a free online platform with a Facebook page, Instagram, twitter, youtube or Pinterest, and more. There are many ways to make money with those free social media apps.

Flipboard: Working From Home Because Of Covid-19? Here Are 10 Ways ...

7. Marketing Expert – One of the most important works in a business and a brand is marketing. There is an 80/20 rule. 20% of the time is creating content and 80% promoting and marketing it to people. These are very important skills you could learn this coronavirus time while everyone is at home with their family and friends. 

Take advantage of the time to learn new things or hobbies or skills that can help you to earn more money like marketing. Through marketing, you can also earn from your salary or from commissions from the sales you bring in the company.

Instagramer images on Favim.com

8. Instagram – This is one of the best ways you can also make money but of course this takes time and lot of effort. But if you already have a brand or a name in your industry then maybe 3-6 months you can start earning from this. You can earn on Instagram through sponsored posts, selling your own product or service. 

But it requires a great branding and takes a lot of time creating engaging photos, videos, or visual to make money. There are many apps there where you can do scheduled posts, so you are always updated and your followers can get more engagement from you. Many Instagram Famous people or brand earns from $50-$1,000 bucks per sponsored post. It depends on your following and niche.

Podcasting Around the Virus - and Beyond

9. Podcasting – Similar to Instagram this requires a lot of time and skill in speaking. You have to connect with your audience and make them get hooked up to the end of your podcast. 

If you can provide value to people or teach them or just entertain them then you got a chance to earn from podcasts and of course if you are a songwriter and a singer. You can also do some covers of popular artists if you are a newbie artist and just getting started. You can promote your podcast to many social media platform also to get more listeners. Spotify artists can earn when they reach some goals of target listeners and get thousands of followers and thousands of views and plays.

How to Grow Faster on YouTube with Gary Vaynerchuk - YouTube

10. Youtuber – This is one of the most popular today. If you really want to start a youtube channel but scared of speaking in front of the camera then you can maybe create some helpful educational videos or entertainment video or maybe gaming and many more. Or you can learn from watching other people YouTubers how they overcome their fears in speaking in front of the camera. You can do Script and plan the time you will create a video and also have a plan of what content you will focus on or what video content you want to create. What is youtube requirements before you can monetize your youtube channel in 2020? Youtube Requires 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 Watch hours within 12 months and you have followed every youtube guidelines and terms & conditions. 

But while waiting from reaching that requirements you can focus on giving value to your subscribers and followers and engage with them and also promote your youtube video on your Facebook, Instagram, website, Pinterest, Twitter, or Pinterest. There are many platforms out there you can promote your content. There are also a lot of ways you can earn from youtube, similar to IG you can earn from the sponsored posts, Affiliate marketing, creating your own product or service, or course you can sell. 

Here are the 5 big niches you can start with, health, wealth, or about making money, relationship or motivational, How to or guides and gaming or entertainment like pranks. YouTubers can earn from Google Adsense with a sample computation of $1 = 1,000 impressions or views and also per click ranges from 1 click of ads = $0.05 – $5.00. It depends on many factors in Google AdSense so you can say you can earn from 100,000 views for about $100 more or less.

5 Hobbies That Actually Look Good On Your CV | Faze

11. Blogger – Blogging is one of my favorites because this can helps you make more money in different ways but also takes a lot of effort unlike creating youtube videos. But it can be hard or easier for you depends on your skills and things you want to pursue. You can be a good writer or maybe good a creating youtube vlogs. But like youtube, blogging is still popular, and do you know there are about a billion searches every month? but also Billion websites out there. 

But still, there is a lot of demand for a website and blog content. People are always looking for answers and questions every day. In blogging you can earn also a lot of money if you do it right by creating focus niches or maybe a popular trending niche, you can gain free organic traffic from search engines like google yahoo and bing. 

In connecting your website to Google Adsense it is different from the youtube channel. Learn how to blog here. You can start with Bluehost or Hostinger today and get your Free Domain for 1 year and SSL!.

The requirements usually for Google Adsense to get approve in your website are the following, at least 15+ articles with 1,000 words minimum and engaging photos. at least a visitor of 30+ per day and your website been there for almost 3 or more months and that is just based on experience but it can also be different from others. You can either be approved or not but you can always try again to join the Google Adsense program. 

But you can also money from your blog from other ways like affiliate marketing, creating own products or service or course, sponsored post, and many ways. If you would ask how much website earn. I earn from ads for about $400 per month from another website as well and at least $250 on affiliate marketing and $1,000+ on my Architectural design service. You can say I earn at least $2,000+ or more every month. 

It is small compare to others but it can grow more in few more years. Learn how to blog here. You can start with Bluehost or Hostinger today and get your Free Domain for 1 year and SSL!.

The Benefits of Online Tutoring – Santander Impact Education

12. Online Tutor – If you have skills or talents then you can teach online. You can start from teaching kids English or subjects through online websites out there you can apply like ESL or Indeed jobs you can apply or Fiverr. This is a good way to earn extra cash at your home and you can basically do it anywhere you just need laptop and wifi.

Beginner Photography MISTAKES - What to avoid to take better ...

13. Photography – If you are good at taking photos with your camera or phone then this is for you. There is a lot of websites out there where you can sell your photos or videos. Here some places you can sell your photos, Stockphoto, adobe stock, Getty images, Istock, pixels, Shutterstock, or more.

Things to Consider Before Hiring IT Consulting Service | IT and ...

14. Consultant – This is very specific and requires a lot of skills and need some degrees that another company requires. And some experience from your chosen field or industry. It can be of many things. You can consult anything you think people need your help.

Why & How to sell on Amazon — Step-by-step Guide - The Startup ...

15. Selling Online – One of the most easiest on how you can make money online at your home is through selling online. There are many websites where you can start selling, you can sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, lazada or shop and more. You can start small or maybe if you are familiar with Shopify then you can make money without big capital through drop shipping. I am a seller on Shopee and I earn at least $400-$800 per month selling home products. You can start selling today.

Final thoughts.

Making money at home is now easier than before and much more convenient than working as an employee in a corporate world which is also called modern slavery. You see if you want to earn money today at your home then you can start by studying watching videos that can help you to learn new things and importantly to motivate you to start today. You can do these 15 ways to make money at your home on your side hustle while you have your day job. 

Then soon you can do this both easily or maybe leaving your day job and making this as your full-time income and creating more another source of income and then save and invest. Then repeat that and you can reach financial freedom, my friend. 

If other people can do it you can also do it, You just need to be patient, hard working, work smart and be consistent and never give up, no matter failures you face or wall you just need to stand up and have a positive outlook in your life and have a different perspective. You can do it, my friend!

If you learn something from this article please share with your friends and subscribe to us for more or follow us to our social media accounts below =) Have a good day my friend! till next article, You can read more below about this.

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