20 Luxury Livingroom Ideas in 2020. How to design your living room to be modern & luxurious.

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20 Luxury Livingroom Ideas in 2020. How to design your living room to be modern & luxurious.

While the kitchen and bathroom often take priority when it’s time to renovate, the living room is the first place decorators look when their home needs a revamp. As the first room guests see, it should reflect your personal taste. But what if your champagne style is at odds with your canned-beer budget? 

But before you get started, there are a few things you should consider first.

  • What is your design goal?
  • How much room do you have to work with?
  • How will the space be used?
  • What pieces can you keep, and what needs to be replaced?

To get you started, we compiled twenty key tips for making your living room look luxurious and timeless (and only seem expensive).

Hang Large-Scale Art

Living room features geometric prints and round coffee tables


Create a focal point and give your space wow factor by hanging an oversize piece of art by itself on one of your living room walls. The look is chic and high impact, with little hassle. Keep your eyes peeled at flea markets and thrift stores for large pieces at reasonable prices, or get creative and make your own if you’re decorating on a budget.

Simplify Your Styling

Living room features dark chocolate and caramel tones

A cluttered, overaccessorized living room can look messy and disorganized, rather than chic and sophisticated. Pare down your collection and only retain pieces that have sentimental value. A simplified space will enable the remaining elements to really shine, and it will keep you on budget.

A simplified space will enable the remaining elements to really shine, and it will keep you on budget.

Camouflage Your Television

Clean, organized, living room


Nothing brings down the feeling of sophisticated luxury in a space quite like a huge black television placed front and center. If fancy mirrors that conceal the TV aren’t in your budget, visually minimize the presence of your screen by creating a gallery wall or salon-style art arrangement around it. Although it won’t entirely disappear, the frame of the television will blend in with the other artwork and distract the eye. Plus, with a few thrifty finds, this idea works on any budget.

Use an Interesting Textile

Statement rug, hanging chair, and interesting art piece in living room


Give your living room a custom look by using vintage or antique textiles to make throw pillows or cover small pieces, like seat cushions or upholstered stools. An antique Turkish rug is another simple way to instantly create visual intrigue. The unusual fabric will inject your room with a unique element and personalize your space. Alternatively, add a textural throw over a sofa or chair to ramp up the cozy factor.

Incorporate a Sculptural Item

Living room features sculptural décor


Prevent your room from becoming a sea of straight lines and circular forms by introducing an element with an interesting shape or unique silhouette. A tree-root coffee table or unusual side chair will feel like a piece of art in your living room, adding an unexpected and wholly artistic component to your design (even on a budget).

Include a Piece With History

Living room features striped rug and gold, feather-shaped chandelier


Give your space a sense of wisdom and incorporate a piece with patina and age. Anything from a mirror to a small side table or accessory will do the trick—the older the better.

Decorate With a Mix of Textures

Living room features mix of textures


A layered, thoughtful mix of materials and textures will give your space a custom-designed, luxurious look. Mix metals, glass, wood, textiles, and leather items to create a dynamic, inviting space.

Light the Way

Living room features slim floor lamp


Updating light fixtures can instantly change the feel of your living room, without overhauling the space. Try different lampshades, or swapping out your chandelier, or even just rearranging your light sources to see where you can call attention to high-use areas, or recess less optimal parts of the living room.

Edit Your Color Palette

Living room in earthy and neutral color palette


Fine-tune your living room aesthetic by honing in on an obvious color palette. For example, identify several of your favorite hues and edit from there. Narrowing your color scheme will make your living room pop.

Update Those Throw Pillows

Colorful living room with printed throw pillows


Swapping out throw pillows to match season or mood is a quick way to infuse new energy into your living room, on a budget. Play with color, texture, and pattern, as well as placement: Beyond the couch, consider the armchair, chaise lounge, the bench.

Create a Story With Vignettes

Side table vignette with round chair in corner of room


If you think a singular piece of décor may look out of place on its own, try arranging a collection of similar pieces to create a unique vignette. They could tell a story on your coffee or console table: Of family heirlooms or travel mementos, for example.

Consider the French Door

French doors separate living room from dining room


Chic French doors can visually open up a space, serve as windows, or a divider between rooms. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including sliding doors for a space-saving touch. They may even play double-duty as the focal area of your living room.

Shake Up Your Furniture

Living room with blue L-shaped couch, two chairs, and white, airy curtains


For a living room update that costs only your time and energy, a new furniture arrangement may be just what your space needs to feel fresh. Arrange according to feng shui design principles, or for small spaces, find ways to make your room feel expansive.

Choose a New Focal Area

Living room in cream colors, soft natural light


Survey your space to determine which part of your living room you could play up. If much of the focus has been on the large-scale artwork above mantle, would it do well behind the couch, for example? Or, what might rearranging your plants do to shift where eyes are naturally drawn to?

Give Walls a Treat

Aqua and floral wall paper in living room, pink loveseat flanked by lamps and a side table


Another way to add texture to your living room is with patterned wall panels or wallpaper. From the delicate florals of Farrow & Ball’s sustainably sourced wallpaper to the peel and stick ease of Stikwood wall panels, there are limitless ways to air your creativity in this way.

Brighten Up

Living room with bright white painted walls


Add bounce to a lackluster living room with a fresh coat of paint. “I find it’s the cleanest, crispest, and it always brightens my spaces,” New York-based designer Tali Roth once told MyDomaine. If white isn’t your thing, opt for a warm neutral color, so it’s still versatile enough to play well with décor.

Go Custom

Living room features wood-paneled walls and A-frame roof


A surefire way to make sure a living room’s pieces fit and play well together like a jig-saw puzzle is to go custom. For example, invest in a custom couch or day bench that fits perfectly in that odd space.

Swap Window Treatments

Bright living room with floor to ceiling curtains


Practically speaking, a great set of window treatments can better augment the amount of light or shade in your living room. On the other hand, they can also tie an entire room together, whether you’re after drama (do this by “hanging your curtain hardware as close to the ceiling as you can,” said Keriann Coffey, Style Editor at Joss & Main, in a previous MyDomaine interview), or whimsy—think natural materials and airy fabrics.

Mount Your Television

Living room with mounted television


Another way to give your living room a clean, streamlined look is by mounting your television to the wall (goodbye, tangle of chords!) But first, determine whether your wall can handle the weight, and remember to measure your walls, advises this MyDomaine article on the 5 questions you should ask before mounting your TV to the wall.

Plunge Into Complete Makeover Mode

Living room features fiddle leaf fig tree and exposed-beam ceiling


Contrary to some opinions, there are instances in which working with a professional designer may offer cost-savings. Because designers pay trade pricing on materials, their clients enjoy these discounted prices. Their expertise also mean they can show you exactly where to invest, or to cut corners.

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