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21 Ways to Save Money every Month in 2020

Do You always think about how will you pay your bills and how your it become so huge that all your monthly salary just go to pay all your bills? So, let us help you improve your finances by knowing this awesome 21 ways to save money every month in 2019. 

Saving Money is the best way to help yourself to reach your financial goals. Sometimes you need to Save more so you can invest more and save for emergency expenses.

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So, Here are the 21 ways to save money that can help improve your finances. Some of this tips will not be applicable to all of course but 5-10 of this guide can make a difference to you overtime and you’ll be able to implement all of this in your life or maybe you are already doing some of this tips in your daily life basis.

1. Make sure to unplug all your appliances or gadgets on your home

21 Ways to Save Money every Month in 2019_02_unplug

Do you know that even though your appliances or gadgets are off, but the plug is still connected to the outlet, it is still gaining power and consume electricity? This is why if you turn off your tv, speakers, fan & Aircon and many more make sure to unplug it.
This can help you lessen your monthly electricity bill for about 10-30% of your total consumption monthly.

2. Cook your own food

21 Ways to Save Money every Month in 2019_03_cook your own food

This can be applicable to many students or working person or maybe not. If you don’t have time to cook, you can always find a way to cook for your own food even though you are busy. Along the time when you try to cook always your own food, you’ll notice that you can prepare & cook fast nutritious food for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Instead of buying fast food or eating outside.

If you don’t know how to cook you can search or watch cooking tutorials on youtube or google. There are many tips and short videos 1-3mins on how to cook basic but healthy food to help improve your health and body. See, this is a win-win situation where you enhance your cooking skills, improve your health and save more money. Though this can’t really be applicable to super busy people, but to some people, this can help you save more money.

3. Lessen going outside and inviting your friends or family over your home.

21 Ways to Save Money every Month in 2019_04_friends eating at home

This is really great idea if you want to get more time with friends or family and get to know them better and you can do anything at your home unlike if you are outside you have limited space and time and to be more open personally, because at home you have your own privacy and can talk about anything your friends want to talk and bond.

This will help you, your friends and family to save more money because you lessen your spending. Sometimes it fun just to invite your friends to comeover even your place is small or not that clean, maybe like my friends they are the ones who help me clean my house hahaha. So, it is more fun to invite your friends family or partner to come over than going outside.

There are many things you can do at your home when you’re with friends and family or partner. You can cook, play games, talk comfortably, watch a movie or just bond together and have fun & quality time with them.

4. Turn Off Television

Yes, please turn off your tv. Watching TV is really a waste of time and money. Maybe You’ll tell me that you are watching the news but actually sometimes does news doesn’t really affect your life. If you’re watching tv because of weather news then maybe you can just check for a minute and turn it off. You see what you watch on the TV is more of Commercials than really the tv shows.

Do you know that many millionaires do not really watch tv? And yes that is the difference between poor people and rich people. They don’t waste hours in tv and start thinking in ways how you can spend your time in a much more productive way. You can reason to me that you watch tv because you want to be entertained after working hard at the office or school, yes you can watch tv but make sure to lessen it. Time is really expensive and you can’t turn time backward with the time you spend on watching tv.

This can really help you save more money but lessening electricity also. Learn to use your time wisely and think in ways to make money.

5. Use Credit Card Wisely

This is very important, to become smart spender the best tip is to use cash than a credit card, which is cashless you really don’t feel that you are spending money because you don’t have it physically in the moment, but at the end of the month you’ll pay for it.
So better save that money than using your credit card too but things you really don’t need because you only see the word sale.

When you see the word Sale on malls or shops, sometimes they just marking up the price for higher cost but actually the price is the same without a sale. It is only their marketing strategy to make buyers buy because they think they save money but actually they tend to spend more money, than saving money.

Always remember to use cash than a credit card when buying things. You’ll thank me at the end of the moth for less monthly bills you need to pay, but rather you’ll Save More money in the end of every month, and better save more money from your monthly salary or if it’s a day of 15th or 30th of the month.

6. Lessen Buying Expensive Branded Products

This is what I always tell my friends that you don’t need to always but branded things you to follow the trend and be accepted to the society. Do you know that Mark Zuckerburg wears the same shirt that is not all branded in every discussion in the public? Why just to lessen the time to think about what to wear and to wear what you want and comfortable to you even though your shirt or clothes are not branded. You see sometimes there are many products out there which are not branded but have great quality, but still cheaper.

7. Do It Yourself

21 Ways to Save Money every Month in 2019_05_girl diy work

This what I am always doing and applying in my life every day. I DIY things I do like, instead of hiring writers, web developers to help with my website I do it myself and it helps me to learn more and save more money.

There are many things you can do yourself than hiring someone or paying for something you can do on your own. Maybe you can your own laundry than going to the laundry shop or maybe you can be the one cleaning your own place then hiring some to clean it for you. I know time is important so you pay some or hire someone to do it for you but if it’s all small things try to do it yourself.

This will help you save more money and lessen your expenses, think of how much it can cost you in a year or how about 10 years? Maybe you can save that money for something valuable or reinvest it in stocks or something else.

8. Stop Loaning every month

If you are really serious in Saving More Money, You should stop borrowing or Loaning money to buy or pay for something you don’t really need. Or maybe you can save first before buying that phone with a higher interest rate or you can still loan if it doesn’t have an interest or something you need to pay on the actual price.

But sometimes loaning is like a credit card, you’ll pay for it in the end of every month, so like I said it is better to save money first then buy it in cash when you can afford it. Sometimes use the 3-7 days rule before you buy or pay something if you really need it and maybe when you are on your 3-7 days, you’ll maybe change your mind in buying or paying for it.

When you pay all your loan then you can now focus more on creating and earning money than thinking to work to pay loans. It is better to work to save than to pay loans every month and you feel free because you don’t have a debt to anyone.

9. Go with the high quality and not the Expensive product

Sometimes we have this mentality that if it is expensive it is much better and have higher quality, but actually not all expensive product are good and can last long. There are many products that you can buy that have the same quality and sometimes better quality than those expensive products.

Expensive products are those products that have built their name, trust and brand in the market for longer time that’s why they are much expensive than the new competitors which are still building their own products in the market to reach more buyers. So, always look at higher quality than expensive things.

10. Stop buying things you don’t need

Maybe you are like this or you know someone who is like this, buying things because it is cute or just buy it based on their emotions even though they really need it and it gains dust in your room after buying it. So, don’t be like john who buys things because it is cute even you really don’t need it. Be a person that think wisely before spending it, this will help you save money more.

11. Create a List before going to Market or Malls

21 Ways to Save Money every Month in 2019_06_girl market list

This is what my grandma teach me when going to market always make a list first in your phone or paper before buying anything.
People tend to buy things they really need and their priority for the month but still but it because they don’t really know specifically what to buy at the moment. Creating a list might be time-consuming but if you create a template you can use it every week to buy what you need and see what are things you can remove or prioritize on what you really need.

12. Stop wasting your time on Games

This is really applicable to many people like you and me or someone you know. Playing games can be fun but make sure it doesn’t control you so always remember to give a limit to yourself in playing games. You can Play Games all day if you are like others who are game streamers who earn money through playing games, but if you are not like that then maybe spend less on playing games.

You can spend the time to learn something new or start a hobby that can help you earn money rather than playing with your time. Like Rich people’s motto, Time is Money and it it is very important. Think of how it will affect your future if you don’t use your time wisely and it can also affect your family or someone you love.

13. Drink more Water

21 Ways to Save Money every Month in 2019_07_drink water more girl

Drinking more water is the best for your body and very economical. Why you ask? Well, based on research when you keep drinking water then drinking soda, soft drinks or sweet or alcoholic beverages you’ll become more healthy and prevent sickness on your body. Many People with long life always drink more water than drinking beverages that are unhealthy.

Drinking more water is also very economical, you save more money than buying from Starbucks or milk teas or your favorite bar. You save the extra money and maybe save it for emergency funds or invest in something to help you grow your money.

14. Avoid Convenience Food or Fast Food

Eating outside today is very expensive when you do the math how many times you eat outside in a week up to a year you’ll see how much it really cost to always eat outside. So, better cook your favorite food at your home to save more money and become more healthy, because food outside have more preservatives or chemicals that are bad to people’s health.

15. Stop Smoking & stop your vices!

Smoking, smoking is very very bad for your health and to the person beside you! You save your own lives and also the person beside you when you are smoking! So, if you’re not smoking good to you but if you are smoking just please stop! Smoking is really bad for your health and does not make you cool or in the trend okay? so Remember that, and also this will help you have a longer life and make your soon partner happier and your child or family members because you have more time to spend with them and healthy to do more things with your loved ones.

Stopping or maybe slowly lessening your vices can help you improve your life and not only you but those people around you. This will help you Save More Money and Lessen your spending. If, you’ll tell me you are stress that’s why you are smoking well my answer is there are many ways to remove stress like bonding more with family, doing exercise or just writing or talking it out with friends or family. Always eat healthy and live healthy this can help you to be successful in life and reach financial goals.

16. Learn to be Minimalist

21 Ways to Save Money every Month in 2019_08_minimalist livinf lifestyle

In the past, my parents are like everyone else who is very sentimental to every item in our house and want to keep everything, but now we are changing the way we live, we start selling unused items at home or just give it to someone really needs it. So, Maybe you are like that so try to be minimalist and save more space to your wardrobe or room and you’ll notice that being minimalist is nor bad and help you spend less and save more money.

You can applying it in your wardrobe first or room and try to live with the things you really need in the moment and not those things that just gain dust and be in the corner of your room and just consume space. So better be a minimalist person and save more money.

17. Cut Monthly Subscription Bills you don’t need

Cutting your monthly subscription like the Spotify, cable, or telephone, magazine or Netflix or anything you don’t really need can help you save money more than paying that monthly subscription that you don’t use really every week.

18. Create a piggy bank or save on bank

Even though it is not already popular to have a piggy bank to save those coins or small changes from buying something it is still very applicable and can help to save money from a daily basis. Maybe try those Saving Money Challenge to help you to integrate in your life or soon a habit of saving money. But the best way to save is after getting your paycheck and not after you spend your paycheck and save what is left. So better start saving after you get your salary or income every time you get your money.

19. Don’t Follow Trend

Following trend is very hard even rich people can catch up to the daily trends of expensive gadgets like iPhone or cars or other expensive things because rich people buy things they only need, like maybe you only need 2-3 pairs of shoes and not that many shoes just to follow the trend of fashion or gadgets trend to be in or part of that. It is always better to buy things you only need at the right moment of your time.

20. Stay Focus

Staying focus on spending wisely rather than buying because of your emotion or other people’s influence. Always remember to focus on things you only need and really important and you can try to buy things with good quality than those branded things with similar quality.

Always remember to buy things you can just afford even though you need or want it. Make sure your expenses are following what you can afford. Always think if you can afford it twice you can but it but if not then maybe don’t buy it yet and wait more time to save and earn.

21. Learn how to Earn More

21 Ways to Save Money every Month in 2019_09_learn to work more girl earn more money



Finally, the last tip is not really about saving but like what millionaire always said it is better to learn how to earn more than to save. So better think of other ways to improve your finances so you can follow or create the lifestyle you want without sometimes thinking about the price you’ll buy.

So, that’s all the 21 ways to save more money in 2019. 

If you learn something today make sure to share this to your love ones, friends or to your social media accounts to be a blessing and help somebody. Always remember You can do it and You can Reach your Financial Goals and Reach Passive Income Life and be Successful if you’ll continue to keep learning and working smart & hard. 

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