30 Filipino Legit Work From Home Employment Sites That Do Not Scam You

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30 Filipino Legit Work From Home Employment Sites

30 Filipino Legit Work From Home Employment Sites That Do Not Cheat You

You have a career and have been employed for the longest time for a wonderful business. Nay or Yay?

It’s fantastic pay, wonderful staff, nice culture, but what would make things much better is if you could perform the same job if operating from home for the same salary or higher.

Cool, huh?

The drawback with working in an office is that, when you have to fork out more resources on housing, food , clothes, and more when you work outside the house, you’re not spending that much for one thing.

You have to drive, buy clothes for business, waste precious money on food, and who knows what else. Not just that, you’d have to suffer hours of traffic or the looooooong queues at the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) or LRT (Light Rail Transit) to get to work, but odds are you’re still stressing out by the time you get to the workplace!

The good news is, a number of other opportunities for employment are open.

And the best component? They can conveniently be found online, so you can both work at the same time and be at home!

And how cool is it?

Since you don’t have to waste money on the stuff I’ve listed above, you save money. Yay!-Yay!

Online scams, though, are everywhere and they have several ingenious tricks to dupe you into believing that you’re really signed up for a real online work.

The scams are built to look like real deals, to be frank. What is the best way to discover for sure if it’s a scam? For enrollment, tax purposes, permits and more, they ask you to pay them money. If you are approached by a work site to offer them money, then it’s possibly a scam and it’s better to stay away from them.

Some online scams are often phishing websites that want to get the data and use it for non-legal things. Legitimate online workers are not calling for money from you. About why? Since they are large businesses, although in a particular manner, they raise income.

See How to Stop Career Scams to read details of the most frequently seen work scams. Bear in mind though that certain persons who want to cheat employers may still have a legitimate work forum, but use the same caution in selecting an employer.

Depending on your expertise or desired role, the most popular choices for legal home-based employment are:

Online Full-time / Part-time jobs:

There are many sites available that provide full-time or part-time work. This style of job in a workplace is somewhat the same as that.


Full-time employment is not confined to engineers or robotic assistants at home. We have accountants, managers of programs and networks, members of customer care, members of professional assistance, medical transcriptionists, and so on.


Here are some of the main sites providing full-time and/or part-time work online:


OutsourcelyOutsourcely is a perfect way to locate and pay zero payments for home-based jobs. For remote staff, outsourcing is 100 per cent open.


UpworkUpwork-this is where thousands of freelancers across a number of fields come to work.


PHOnlineJobs.ph is close to Upwork, where you will be working both as a freelancer and as a full-time or part-time worker.


CraigslistCraigslist is an anonymous classified ad advertising site with work listings and other resources with products for sale.


For US candidates, We Operate RemotelyWeWorkRemotely provides high-level and high-paying positions, but they still accept individuals from the Philippines.


StackoverflowStackoverflow is mainly a programmer’s platform and all activities apply exclusively to software creation.

Centered on Projects

Projects are an ideal option (depending on the task) for short or long term work and may not involve an extended contract.

Typically, whether you work on a project basis, you will not really be classified as a part-time or full-time employee. Graphic design, 400-500 word papers about such subjects, recording of audio recordings, printing out handwritten notes, and more are some of the most popular instances of this style of practice.

The top three places for work dependent on projects are:

Upwork has a huge experienced freelancers’ database that will get the job done. Part of the work-from – home arena leaders.

Freelancer.comFreelancer provides a broad freelance website (like Upwork) where you can list yourself for recruiting.

Compared to the first two, Menschen Per HourPeoplePerHour is a smaller forum where you will go to search for employment and contracts.

Sites Focused on Other Projects:

99designs employ independent logo / graphic designers under which these designers fight for the acceptance of the designs they create by the consumer. Customers must select the one they want to use and only the winning designer can get compensated.

DesignCrowd is an online platform that offers links to freelance graphic designers and template studios worldwide, offering branding, website, print, and graphic design services.

For crowdsourced logo design, web design, print design, product design, branding and other writing facilities, CrowdSPRINGcrowdSPRING is one of the world’s biggest industries.

Close to 99designs, CrowdsiteCrowdsite is. A design competition for logos and graphics that you will use for your company can be launched by contest holders.

Through HireTheWorld, you will get connections from all over the world to thousands of freelance designers.

For just around 199 each, 199Jobs199Jobs will get different workers completed.

You can get something for $5 from FiverrFiverr.

BPO (Outsourcing of Commercial Processes)

BPO firms are also called “call centers” or “contact centers” appropriately. They also do offshore business that serves the needs of businesses that outsource their workers to remote countries, such as the Philippines, from all over the world.

These BPO enterprises have sprouted like mushrooms, and now there are call center offices for a few days, whichever way you turn your head (no joke!).

Another kind of BPO is the kind of home-based or online BPO that does exactly the same thing: exporting employees who are able to operate from home. As this is a corporation, however, there are some specifications, including a fast and secure internet access, a desktop or laptop with new hardware and software for the call center, an actual home office that should be quiet and clear of disturbances. English instructional services, VA or virtual assistant services and other jobs connected to IT are the most popular form of career.

Some famous BPO firms that empower you to work from home:

Remote StaffRemote Workers is an online outsourcing business with an office located in Makati, where you may sign up as a candidate and then align your expertise with a prospective customer with their recruitment team.

Here in the Philippines, Interactive CoworkerVirtual Coworker has a recruiting squad that allows the whole selection phase simple because a Filipino screens you.

For small to medium companies worldwide, SourceFitSourceFit provides offshore workforce strategies.

From data entry to advertisement employment and more, 2nd Office2ndOffice has numerous work offers for Filipino employees.

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