Best Small Business Ideas for Kids & Teenager for 2020

Best Small Business Ideas for Kids & Teenager for 2020

Thinking of ways to start a small business as a kid or a teenager? Then you are in the right place. If you are the parents or a relative of someone who is still a kid or teenager and you want them to help or start a business even they are young then this will help them do it. Starting a small business that are profitable and with low capital or no money needed at all is a great idea to start as a young entrepreneur, if other people can do it then you can also do it. So here are the best small business ideas as a kid or teenagers you can start this year. 

1. House Cleaning business.

Starting a house cleaning service is the easiest and no money needed to stat as a business. You can offer your service first to your neighborhood or your family or friends and classmates’ houses. 

2. Nanny business.

You can provide nanny service to your neighborhood or you can promote online using social media for free. If you know how to take care of babies or younger kids like you or take care of pets then you can start doing this.

3. Start a laundry business.

You can start offering your service using their laundry machines and tools and you do the work for them. This is a great way to make money and start a small business. This is a thriving business this year and you can also ask permission to your parents or on your family members to use your laundry machine and tools, so you can work from home doing laundry business. 

4. Baking a cookie or sweets.

There are already some kids who become rich selling their bake cookies or sweets. You can easily start making one today and try to make your family or friends to taste it and ask for reviews. You can today easily sell online and promote freely on social media platforms. Pro tip: Always have a good package and good quality products and market it more to the right clients or customers. 

5. Start a lemonade or juice stand business.

This is never been outdated and always on the market. You can always see many stores that sells juices. You can start making your own juice and start making money with this low capital small business but is profitable. Pro tip: Be creative in marketing your product and show your difference with your competitors. 

6. Start selling used items.

You can sell some of your old item at home or items that your family doesn’t use anymore and that only get dust on the corner of your house. Try to sell it online or in your neighborhood and make it useful to other people. This is a  great way to getting more space at your home while earning money and using your money to save more and to re-invest to other profitable things.

7. Home DIY Decor.

Are you good at arts and doing some DIY for home decor? Then this is for you, you can start creating something and if you get high demand in the market then you can start having your own product and manufactured it for the greater market. 

8. Online Selling.

You can start to sell online using other free platforms to sell like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, Instagram and more. There are many things you can sell online examples are clothes, home decor, gadgets, furniture, house tools, school & office supplies and more.

9. Start a Blog or Website business.

There are many self-made millionaires from starting a blog or website. There are many ways how you can monetize your blog or website through advertisements or creating your own digital or Physical products, service or course. 

10. Start a Youtube Channel.

It is never too late to start a Youtube channel today. There are many Profitable & Popular niches you can start like starting a blog. You can write down things you are interested in and things you want to do in your vlog it can be either entertaining or informative or both. 

11. Become a Social Media Influencer. 

You can start creating your own brand and build your community to have great social media influence that will help you make money with sponsorships and get paid for advertisement also. This could take time but if you do it consistently with your hard work then you can do it just believe in yourself and work smart. Pro tip: Learn from the pros and understand everything and study their ups and downs in their careers until now. 

12. You can build your own Social Media platform.

Mark Zuckerburg is young when he start facebook and now become a billionaire. You can also start a small social media platform with a website and start making money. You can also start a membership site. This is very popular today and still be in the trend till in the future. 

13. Offer Web design service.

Web designing is a great way to start a small business with no money needed at all. If you are good at web design then you can offer your service to many websites that are looking for web design.

14. Start Graphic Design Service.

Another great idea when we talk about designing is graphic design. This is always in demand and has a lot of markets but also great competition but if you have something that your competitors don’t have then maybe you’ll get more clients.

15. Freelance Tutor business.

You can either hire some of your friends or classmate to tutor for you and get paid from your classmates or clients. You can offer your service to your neighborhood and create a good impression for them and really help your clients improve their grades or help them with their academics. 

16. Teach how to play instruments.

If you are good at instruments either piano or guitar or maybe violin then why not teach them and start a business with it then becoming a summer camp for music and instruments. Pro tip: Really help your clients and love them and guide them well and you’ll get more good reviews that can help you gain more customers and clients. 

17. Create Digital Products.

Starting to create a Digital product is a great small business idea and no money needed. If you are an expert in something or know something then you can start making an ebook and start selling it to online and offline platforms. You can research for something and turn it to digital products. 

18. Start an Online Course.

Starting an Online course is like creating an ebook also. This is a great way to create a small business. Pro tip: Before creating one of this digital product make sure to promote it first or run dry and always check if there is a market or demand for it.

19. Open a video game rental.

This is easy to start and low capital needed. If you already have some video games to rent to other people then you can start this business or maybe you can buy more in-demand video games you can rent to customers. Pro tip: You can also do rental business to other items you have or in-demand things other people can rent. 

20. Become a middle man. 

You can become a middle man and start a small business from this. This always doesn’t require money because you will promote other services or products and get a commission to it. If you have a lot of contacts and good at talking to people then this is a great business for you to start. 

Final thoughts

In starting a small business you can always start with what you have or something you know. This can be by providing a service or creating something or selling something. You can make money with these small business ideas you can start today. Always remember a successful businessman once said that starting a business needed time, effort and you need to nurture it like a baby you need to take care of. There are ups and downs in starting a business but take the challenge as a young entrepreneur and you can do it and you’ll be a successful young entrepreneur! Your still young have lots of mistakes and learn from it and you’ll reach your dreams and goals! 

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