How to Create Gcash account and transfer money gcash to bank.

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How to Create Gcash account and transfer money gcash to bank. Send money through gcash and pay bills with gcash. online banking philippines

GCash Tutorial: How to Create Gcash Account


The virtual wallet is more convenient nowadays because of the spread of COVID-19. It isn’t easy to go even to the nearest payment center with restrictions on going because of lockdown. So, why not learn how to use GCash?


GCash is an excellent alternative to debit cards and where you can send and receive money, pay bills, buy load, shop, and many more with just a few taps on your mobile phone.


It’s easy to use your phone to make transactions without the need to withdraw money or put your cash at the risk of getting lost or stolen.


All GCash services are almost free, except for cash out and Gcash card application and withdrawal. 


Learn how to use Gcash for hassle-free payment.


How to Create a GCash account


There are 4 ways to start your Gcash:

  1. Via GCash Website. Go to and click the ‘Register’ button on the upper-right side. Click ‘Register’ on the landing page, then click ‘Proceed to GCash Registration.’ Enter your mobile number. Gcash is now open to all networks. Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the next page. Provide the 6-digit authentication code sent to your mobile number for verification purposes, then click ‘Submit Code.’ Fill out the GCash Registration form with your details, then after that, click ‘Submit.’ Set your 4-digit mobile PIN or MPIN. After completing, you will go to a page with a QR code. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to download the GCash app.

  2. Via Gcash App. Download the application. Enter your mobile number and click Register in the prompt and provide the necessary information as needed. Nominate a 4-digit MPIN.

  1. Via *143#. On your phone, dial *143# the select ‘GCash,’ then ‘Register.’ Nominate a 4-digit MPIN and provide the necessary information.


  1. Via Facebook Messenger. First, you need to make sure that your Facebook Messenger app is up to date. Then, search for @gcashofficial and click the ‘Get Started’ button. Click on the ‘Menu’ button found at the lower-left corner. Click on ‘Account’ and select ‘Create an Account .’ Type in your mobile number. You can use any mobile network for your number. Type in your Facebook password and wait for a verification message. Wait for the verification code to confirm linking.

Verify your GCash account

You can now cash in money to your GCash, but you need to verify your account to enjoy the complete services. It is a requirement of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to ensure that you’re a genuine GCash user.


There are three levels of verification:

  1. Basic – you can use GCash without validation, but the services available are minimal.

  2. Semi-verified – this level is when you fill out a form at You have access to services like Send Money and Cash-Out.

  3. Fully Verified – you have all access to Gcash services like sending money, cashing out, receiving international remittances, using GCredit, cashing in (through PayPal, debit cards, or banks), buying items with your GCash MasterCard, etc.


How to verify your GCash account

Log in to your GCash account. Tap the menu and click ‘Verify Now.’ Choose ‘Get Fully Verified.’ Prepare your valid ID and take a clear photo of it using the app. Click ‘Next’ and take a selfie. Fill in the information and make sure all the details are correct.


How to load or cash-in your GCash wallet


  1. Transfer money from your bank account using the app.

  2. Over-the-counter with selected outlets.

  3. Transfer money through remittances service providers.

How to transfer money to GCash

On the GCash dashboard, click ‘Send Money,’ then tap ‘Express Send.’ Enter the mobile number or click the phonebook icon and choose your desired recipient from your list. Then, put the amount you want to send. You can also write a short, optional message. Click ‘Next.’ Review the confirmation page. You will see the recipient’s GCash-registered name and number, then hit ‘Send.’ Lastly, you will see the in-app receipt that you send the money successfully. You can save the receipt as an image by tapping the save button in the upper right corner. You and the recipient will receive a confirmation text with the transaction details and the optional message.



How to transfer money to bank

On the GCash dashboard, click ‘Send Money,’ then ‘Send to Bank.’ You will see the dropdown menu, which lists the partner banks of GCash. Select the bank to which you will send the money. Enter the account name, account number and, amount that you will send. You can also put the email address of the recipient, then tap ‘Send Money.’ Review the details on the confirmation page, then tap ‘Send.’ You will see the in-app receipt that you send the money successfully and save the receipt by tapping the save button in the upper right corner. You and the recipient will also receive a confirmation text of the transaction. Take note that there will be a P15.00 fee per transaction.


Paying Bills using GCash

Tap ‘Pay Bills’ on the GCash dashboard. (If it’s not on the dashboard, you can see it in the ‘Show More’ section.) Choose the appropriate category of your biller. Then, select the biller you want to pay. Input the relevant details, then click ‘Next.’ Review the details on the confirmation page, then tap ‘Next.’ You will see the in-app receipt that you can screenshot, and you will also receive a text message with your bill payment details. If you put your email address, you will also get an e-receipt in your email.



Now you’re good to go and enjoy paying using GCash. Download the app now for cashless worry-free, and hassle-free transactions.

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