How to Get a Part-time Job Online in the Philippines: Best Guide For Student & Fresh Graduates

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How do I make money online?” You’re probably asking countless times. The good news is you won’t run out of choices. Plenty of online part time jobs are available to Filipinos who want to earn extra money and make productive use of their free time without leaving their home. Whether you’re a self-supporting student, full-time employee, or stay-at-home mom, you can find a suitable raket for you. Ready for your online part-time job hunt? Keep reading to learn about the different opportunities out there and where to find them.

“How can I make money online?” you might have asked countless times.

The good news is that you’re not going to run out of options. Filipinos who want to earn extra money and make productive use of their spare time without leaving their home have plenty of online part time jobs available.

You can find a suitable raket for you, whether you’re a self-supporting student, full-time employee, or stay-at-home mom.

Ready for your part-time work search online? To learn about the various possibilities out there and where to find them, keep reading.

The Pros and Cons with a Side Hustle.

As much as working on the side has its benefits, it also has drawbacks. Carefully consider the pros and cons and determine whether you can accommodate both your day job or study and a side hustle.

1. Advantages of part-time work.

a. Earning additional revenue.

This is the greatest reward for pursuing a side gig.

For students, it eases the financial burden of their parents and encourages them to save money at an early age. It helps office workers pay off loans, plan for emergencies, or achieve financial objectives. For housewives, it supplements the income of their partner.

b. Growing and refining capacity.

A part-time work encourages you to find a new talent or develop an existing one that you can use in your day job or potential career.

The most significant talent you will learn has to do with time management. Your ability to balance your time is complicated by balancing your full-time work or studies and a side job.

c. To follow your passion.

Growing tired with your work at the office? Look for a side hustle that helps you to do what you love.

Love to talk to guys? Open a new tab to be a part-time online English tutor or call center agent. Love to write? Look for gigs for freelance writing. Want to find a creative outlet? Taking on the hand of a design work.

d. Waters Research.

Thinking about making the nine-to-five in a new tab function full time from homeOpens.??

A part-time job helps you to see what working from home is like while still retaining your full-time job. You can transform your side gig into a full-time home-based job if it becomes successful.

2. The downsides to part-time work.

a. Less time for loved ones and yourself.

As you get a side hustle, be prepared to let go of your free time. With your loved ones, it could sacrifice quality time and potentially effect your relationships. More significantly, there will be less time for you to rest and relax.

b. Interfere with success in profession or education.

The balancing of multiple roles is challenging. When you have too much on your plate and fail to manage your time wisely, your studies or full-time career will suffer.

c. Potential for burnout.

It can take a toll on your physical and mental health to work for over 40 hours a week. You have more cash, but you are more tired and drained as well.

Stuff to plan before applying for part-time work online.

It’s not enough to just want it in order to get an online part-time job. You will have to plan the tools and equipment required.

For most forms of career, below are the must-haves:

1. Letter Resume and CoverOpens in a new tab…

Your expertise and related job experience must be emphasized by these documents.

Also students need to create a new tab for resumeOpens. For their gigs, part-time. Highlight your schooling, volunteer experience, and valuable qualities if you’ve never had a job yet.

2. For laptop.

For simple tasks, make sure your laptop has the recommended minimum specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5

Memory: RAM of 4GB

Storage: 256GB Storage:

Windows 7/Mac OS 10.x Operating system:

Screen dimensions: 13-inch

For graphic-intensive tasks like web design and web creation, you need higher specs.

Although it’s all right to have a desktop computer, it’s easier to have a laptop for versatility. You should take your laptop somewhere else to continue working when power failures or internet connectivity problems occur.

3. Link to the stable internet.

For people with online work, the high-speed internet is a must. For most users, a DSL or fiber link that has at least 3 to 5 Mbps is good enough. Often, as your backup, get a pocket Wi-Fi.

4. Productivity tools for collaboration and function.

Be familiar with these widely used resources for online jobs and have an account:

Access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, and other services from Google Account

With LinkedIn

About Skype

5. Account for Deposits and PayPal.

You need an account for collecting payments, of course. Through PayPal or bank transfer, most customers pay.

In a new tab, open an account with PayPal and a savings account with any major bank such as BDOOpens. And, in a new tab, BPIOpens..

Top 25 Online Part-time Jobs in the Philippines.

1. Data entry specialist.

Data entry is a quick way to earn online cash. You only type text into spreadsheets or documents from JPEG or PDF files. The role is not lucrative, but by doing high-volume jobs, you can earn a respectable income.

Wage: Php 100-Php 400/hour | Php 5,000-Php 20,000/month

2. Virtual assistant (VA).

Digital assistants, except that they operate remotely, are like corporate secretaries that offer administrative and personal assistance.
Depending on the business of the client, the duties of a virtual assistant include proofreading, analysis, data entry, file organization, meeting scheduling, Powerpoint presentations planning, social media management, blog, and email, and more. A specialty such as graphic design, web creation, or bookkeeping can include other VA jobs.

Wage: Php 150-Php 500/hour | Php 10,000-Php 15,000/month

3. Online researcher.

Loving doing research? Get paid from different online outlets to collect information on a particular subject. Or as a product analyst, find a part-time job that includes helping consumers study competitor products or find in-demand products for their company.

Wage: Php 100-Php 300/hour | Php 5,000-Php 15,000/month

4. Online English tutor.

Can you speak English fluently? Do you enjoy speaking to individuals from various cultures?
Earn money for students from South Korea, China, or Japan from teaching conversational English online. Classes are typically held, each lasting about 30 minutes, through video conferencing. With the extra time you have, you can teach for as little as two to four hours a day.

Wage: Php 150-Php 260/hour | Php 10,000-Php 19,000/month

5. Online survey participant.

Individuals who are willing to engage in their studies are compensated by corporations and academic institutions. Making money from taking online surveys is easy. Only sign up for a survey website account, wait for an email invitation, and finish the survey (takes only about 10 to 30 minutes).

Survey invites do not come frequently as the conditions for a particular survey must be balanced by your profile. Even, it is a decent way to earn money in your spare time to answer online surveys.

Wage: Php 3.50-Php 300/survey

6. Transcriber.

In order to have general transcription services, you don’t have to be a college graduate. You only listen to audio or video recordings as a transcriber and write out what you hear.

A background in fields such as law, medicine, education, or engineering is required for specialized transcription jobs.

Wages: Php 13-Php 30/minute of audio or video | Php 7,000-Php 13,000/month

7. Translator.

Working part-time as an online translator is great for applying and developing your skills if you’re studying linguistics or a foreign language in college. You get paid for it too!

Salary: PHP 200-PHP 700/page | PHP A monthly average of 10,000

8. Blogger.

Anyone with strong writing skills in English can start a blog and make money out of it. With ad placements, affiliate marketing, selling digital goods such as e-books and video courses, and supported posts, you can monetize a blog. If you regularly post high-quality, engaging content, you’ll have higher earning potential.

Income: Php 5,000-Php 27,000/month

9. Copywriter.

In order to get high-quality content for their websites, blogs, social media platforms, or marketing and promotional materials, many foreign and local companies employ writers in the Philippines.

You can start writing part-time on the side, even without professional experience in a subject matter.

Wage: Php 0.50-Php 3/word | Php 10,000-Php 25,000/month

10. Resume writer.

Not only should resume authors deliver professionally crafted resumes. They also study the business with which their customers choose to work, provide input on their CV and LinkedIn profile, and rewrite resumes to make them attention-grabbing and engaging (or build one from scratch).

Wages: Php 260-Php 1.500/resume

11. Proofreader.

The best kind of content editing is proofreading. When proofreading papers, ebooks, legal documents, or website material, no substantive changes are required. To catch grammar errors and typos, however, great care is required.

Wage: Php 500-Php 1,000/hour | Php 100-Php 150/page

12. Graphic designer.

Jobs in graphic design pay well, particularly for designers who can also do advanced coding. Use your spare time to earn money creating websites, magazines, and marketing and promotional materials, if you know how to use design software.

Wage: Php 130-Php 260/hour | Php 10,000-Php 30,000/month

13. Video editor.

Video editing is a lucrative side work, but in this area it takes imagination, attention to detail, and lots of patience to succeed.

Most part-time projects include editing YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram wedding images, product ads, and clips to upload.

Wage: Php 700-Php 3,500/video | Php 10,000-Php 26,000/month

14. Web developer.

Even for part-time positions, designing websites is a lucrative job. Taking similar side jobs will give you more money if you’re a web developer by trade.

In particular, WordPress developers are in demand today, but possessing skills in a wide variety of programming languages gives you an advantage.

Wage: Php 200-Php 400/hour | Php 10,000-Php 50,000/month

15. Customer service representative.

Are you fluent, empathetic, and patient in English? Are you able to work at least four hours a day and five days a week from home? If you fit the bill, as a customer service agent, you will gain extra money.

Really no experience? Don’t worry, several businesses recruit undergraduates and beginners in the sector and provide free online training for them.

Wage: Php 100-Php 260/hour | Php 7,000-Php 20,000/month

16. Telemarketer.

Telemarketing includes selling or creating leads over the phone for goods and services. Telemarketers follow a script and a list of contacts is issued to them.

This online career is lucrative financially. Telemarketers receive a bonus per signup or sale, aside from the base salary.

Wages: Php 100-Php 300/hour | Php 13,000-Php 30,000/month + fees

17. SEO specialist.

The optimization of search engines (SEO) sounds like a very technical task, but it is all about using common sense. All you need to do is learn a lot of stuff and be updated with the latest trends.

For higher search engine rankings and more traffic, SEO specialists evaluate, analyze, and develop a company’s website.

Wage: Php 130-Php 300/hour | Php 10,000-Php 25,000/month

18. Search engine evaluator.

This part-time online work goes by other names: SEO assessor, web search assessor, and internet assessor.

Search engine assessors evaluate the performance of the search engine to provide feedback on its accuracy and importance. Usually, they work at least 10 hours a week and up to 20 hours.

Wage: Php 350/hour | Php 14,000-Php 30,000/month

19. Forum writer.

For individuals with some writing experience, getting paid for writing short forum posts is a brilliant idea. You only build product reviews or brief responses that reference a brand and post them on the web or blog of Reddit, Quora, or the customer’s forum.

Posts must be original, engaging, and sound-natural.

Wage: Php 1.50-Php 5/post

20. Social media manager.

Are you involved with social media? Do you have any expertise to engage an online audience?

In social media management, gain extra income from your passion and talent. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and/or LinkedIn, businesses and entrepreneurs employ remote staff to handle their social media profiles.

Managers of social media create and schedule posts, answer comments and private messages, and track results.

Wage: Php 100-Php 260/hour | Php 5,000-Php 20,000/month

21. Social media influencer.

Not only can A-list celebrities be influencers, even ordinary people can make money online using their social media clout.

Have you got a lot of social media followers involved? In your niche, you can collaborate with businesses to do sponsored posts. If you’re sufficiently popular on social media, brands can even hit you with a contract.

Wage: Php 500-Php 10,000/post

22. Marketing assistant.

Depending on the needs of the consumer, remote marketing assistants execute different marketing techniques. Tasks can include e-mail, social media, SEO, or paid search management assistance.

Wage: Php 130-Php 260/hour | Php 5,000-Php 30,000/month

23. Virtual Recruiter.

Digital recruiters allow businesses to find the right applicants to fill their vacancies. Tasks include posting online work advertisements, searching and reaching out to recruits, reviewing and interviewing applicants, performing initial telephone interviews, scheduling candidate interviews with executives, and supporting candidates through the recruitment process.

Wage: Php 180-Php 300/hour | Php 10,000-Php 20,000/month

24. Bookkeeper/Accountant.

By working part-time in the same sector, full-time accountants and bookkeepers can raise their profits.

Online accounting and bookkeeping jobs involve managing the financial transactions of a client, from creating daily and weekly spreadsheets to auditing financial procedures and records.

Wage: Php 100-Php 300/hour | Php 10,000-Php 20,000/month

25. Micro jobs.

Too busy to work but need extra cash on the side? Take micro jobs for a small fee online.

A micro-work is a simple task that can be completed in just an hour, such as preparing a Powerpoint presentation, writing a short essay, or transcribing a short audio clip.

Wage: Starts from Php 200/task

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