How to Get UMID Card or SSS ID in 2020 Philippines: Easy Step by Step Guide

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How to Get UMID Card or SSS ID in 2020 Philippines: Easy Step by Step Guide

How to Get UMID Card or SSS ID in 2020 Philippines: Easy Step by Step Guide

The UMID card is one of the valid IDs in the Philippines that are easiest to get.

How to Apply SSS and GSIS ID l UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose ID ...

While that may be hard to believe, securing this ID is actually simple (The only hard part is waiting for it). You just have to know how to do it right.

This is exactly what this guide is for—providing all the information you need for a successful, hassle-free UMID card application.

What is UMID?
UMID stands for Unified Multi-Purpose ID, the single identification card for all members of the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF or Pag-IBIG Fund), and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

It proves your lifetime membership and facilitates transactions with these government agencies.
The UMID card uses contactless smart chip technology that stores the cardholder’s biometric data (facial image, signature, and fingerprints). It also has security features that prevent the card from being reproduced and used for fraud.

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What is it used for?
The UMID card is accepted as a valid ID by government offices, banks, and other entities in the Philippines.
More than a proof of identity, this ID card is also used to withdraw GSIS or SSS benefits and loans from ATMs.
SSS members can use their UMID to view contributions, loan status and balance, and other SSS information at any SSS kiosk

Who can apply for UMID?
1. SSS members.
Getting a UMID card from the SSS for the first time? You must meet the following conditions:

*At least one-month posted SSS contribution*
*Valid date of coverage**
*Active SSS number status (not inactive or canceled)
*Never been issued an SSS ID or UMID card
*For kasambahays without posted contribution: Permanent SSS membership status and employer’s proof of contribution payment (SSS Form R5) made at the teller section of an SSS branch

*To check your posted SSS contributions, use the TextSSS service.

Here’s how:

a. Register by sending a text message to 2600 in this format: SSS REG (Example: SSS REG 3375009813 10/26/1979). You’ll receive a PIN for your next inquiries to the SSS.

b. Get information on your contribution by sending another text message in this format: SSS CONTRIB (Example: SSS CONTRIB 3375009813 1026).

**Your date of coverage refers to the month and year when you started as a paying SSS member (not the date when you got your SSS number).

It’s when your first employer reported you as a new employee to SSS, or when you paid your first valid contribution as a self-employed, non-working spouse, or OFW member.

Check if you have a valid date of coverage by accessing the SSS Member Portal (You need to register for an SSS account online). Click “My Information” > “Other Information” and then find the month and year next to “Coverage Date.” You can also view whether your SSS number is active, inactive, or canceled.

If you don’t have a date of coverage, it means you weren’t properly registered before, and you can’t apply for UMID and SSS benefits. Contact your first employer to request a copy of the Employment Report form (SSS R1-A form) where your name is listed. Submit it to the nearest SSS branch and request the staff to enter your date of coverage.

2. GSIS members.
All active GSIS members and pensioners are required to secure a UMID-compliant eCard from any GSIS office

3. PhilHealth members.
Indigent Filipinos¹ and other PhilHealth members who are not covered by either SSS or GSIS can get a UMID card from PhilHealth.

How to Get a SSS UMID Card – Pol's Desktop

What are the requirements for the UMID card application?
1. For SSS members.
a. Accomplished UMID Card Application Form.

*Use CAPITAL LETTERS and black or blue ink.
*Avoid erasures and corrections.
*Put a checkmark on any applicable box.
*Put “N/A” or “Not Applicable” if the required information is not applicable.
*The SSS number, name, date of birth, and sex on the application form must match the member’s information in the SSS database.
*Leave the Common Reference Number field blank if this is your first time to apply for UMID.
*Provide at least one contact detail (email address, landline number, or mobile number) which the SSS will use to notify you of your *UMID card application status.

b. Valid IDs.
Present the original or certified true copy of any of the following primary IDs:

*Driver’s license
*Seaman’s Book
*If you don’t have any primary ID, present two secondary IDs bearing your correct name, with at least one showing your correct birthdate.

2. For GSIS members.
a. Accomplished GSIS UMID-eCard Enrollment Form.
Use CAPITAL LETTERS and black or blue ink.
Indicate your preferred bank (either UnionBank or Land Bank) for withdrawing your GSIS benefits and loans.

b. Valid government-issued IDs.
Present the original and photocopy of your GSIS eCard or passport.
If you have neither of the two, submit two of the following IDs (with at least one photo-bearing ID) instead:

*4Ps ID
*AFP Beneficiary ID
*Barangay ID
*Driver’s license
*Employee’s ID / Office ID
*Firearms License
*NBI Clearance
*PhilHealth ID
*Postal ID
*School ID
*Senior Citizen ID
*Solo Parent ID
*TIN card
*Voter’s ID

How to Apply for UMID if You’re an SSS Member: 5 Steps.

1. Go to an SSS branch with a UMID enrollment facility.
Not all SSS branches accommodate UMID applications. So before you apply, check first the list of branches² that can process UMID enrollment (Use the Ctrl+F command to find the branch nearest you).
Once you get to the SSS office, you’ll either fall in line or get a queue number. Wait for your turn or your number to be flashed on the screen display.

2. Submit the UMID requirements.
The SSS staff will verify your documents and validate your information with the SSS database.

3. Have your biometrics taken.
Go to the ID and Biometric capture booth where your photo, fingerprints, and digital signature will be taken.
The personnel will let you view on a computer screen how your actual UMID looks like. Double-check your personal details, especially your name, birth date, and address. Tell the staff if you spot an error to have it corrected immediately.
After you’ve confirmed that your info is correct, you’ll be issued an acknowledgment stub and advised about the estimated delivery time of your UMID card.

4. Wait for your UMID card delivery.
Usually, it takes about eight days for SSS to verify, print, and package the UMID card. It’s then sent to the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) for mailing.
Delivery takes five to seven working days within Metro Manila, seven to 10 working days outside Metro Manila, and 10 to 20 working days in remote provinces.
All in all, you can expect to receive your UMID card within 30 days from your application date. However, some SSS branches may give longer delivery time at two to four months.

5. Activate your UMID card.
As soon as you receive your UMID card, activate it using the SSS kiosk at the nearest SSS branch.

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How to Apply for UMID if You’re a GSIS Member: 6 Steps.

1. Go to any GSIS branch.
GSIS offices are open on Mondays to Fridays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can come during your lunch break, as GSIS has a No Noon Break policy.
When you get to the GSIS branch, get a queue number at the eServices Unit or Information Center.

2. Submit the UMID requirements.
When your number is called, submit your accomplished UMID form and photocopies of your valid IDs to the enrollment officer for verification.

3. Undergo ID photo and biometrics capture.
The enrollment officer will take your photo, fingerprints, and digital signature.
Review your encoded data in the UMID enrollment system, making sure that everything is complete and correct.
A UMID eCard Release Form will be given to you. Keep this form for claiming your UMID card.

4. Wait for a text or email confirmation of your UMID card release.
GSIS will notify you via text message when your card is available for pickup.

5. Claim your UMID eCard.
Go to the GSIS office where you filed your UMID application. Get a queue number at the eServices Unit / Information Center.
When your number is called, submit the following documents to the card releasing officer:
*UMID eCard Release Form
*Accomplished Bank Customer Information Record (available at the GSIS branch)
*Original and photocopy of GSIS eCard, passport, or two valid government-issued IDs
*Receive your UMID card and check if its information is correct and if the PIN mailer on the card is readable.

6. Activate your new card.
To fully enjoy the benefits of your UMID, activate the card once you receive it. Here’s how:

a. Go to the nearest GSIS branch, provincial capitol, city hall, municipal hall, government office, or Robinsons Mall. Look for the GSIS Wireless Activated Processing System ([email protected]) kiosk.

b. Place your UMID card on the e-card reader.

c. Choose any of the pre-registered fingers by touching the screen.

d. Place your chosen finger very lightly on the fingerprint scanner.

e. Wait for the confirmation message. Your UMID will be activated within 72 hours.

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