How to make money on Facebook for Free. Earn $100 Weekly.

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Earn $100 Weekly. in 2020

How to make money on Facebook for Free. Earn $100 Weekly.

Do you know that you can make money using facebook for free? Yes, and many are already using facebook for their profits and help them get extra cash or turn it to there monthly income. So, let’s get started!

1. Create a Facebook Page
If you know how to use facebook and are following your favorite facebook page, then you can learn from them and study how they get followers and how they earn from it. Creating a Facebook Page is very easy. You can create one for your personal page or Business page the difference is the person is for people like celebrities or famous people or for anyone who wants to create their community. The Business page is for people who have a business or website. This can be through Selling merchandise or Providing service.

2. Build a fan-based
now that you have created a Facebook Page then it is time to build your community or have a fan-based page. Here are some tips to help you build a community. You have to create informative or entertainment content either through text, image or video or even audio or combine. You can focus on one specific niche or broader niche to get more fans. Last tip is to be active and consistent

3. Sell Merchandise
You can also buy and sell merchandise or any product you have in your mind. There are many people who earn a $100 weekly just selling or re-selling items. Here are some things you can sell Clothes, Fashion, Accessories, Furniture, Gadgets, or even Real estate. Pro tip: You can find a Direct Wholesale supplier to get discounts and Re-sell their products and earn cash from re-selling even you don’t have your own products.

4. Sponsored post
After building a big fan-based community then you can sell a sponsored post. This can be through continues projects or per project or per post content. An example of having 10k followers on the Facebook page is $10 per sponsored post. This could be higher or lower based on your niche.

5. Affiliate link
This is the easiest way to get money without money. You can register to Clickbank, Amazon, Lazada and many more Websites that have an Affiliate program you can join and you get a commission for every sale. You can share your affiliate link in Facebook page or groups or on your own profile by sharing with your friends.

6. Sell Digital Product
This might be harder for others but if you know how to create a digital product then you can sell it and promote it through facebook to get sales from selling. You can boost your post to reach more people and targeted customers or buyers if you want to increase your sales.

7. Sell Online Course
Like Digital Product you can sell Online courses if you are good at something or want to share or teach something. This is not for all but this will help you earn big bucks and have a passive income stream.

8. Membership
Facebook Page has already added a membership or support your favorite facebook page to help them create more content. You can ask for them for $1-$10 per support or higher depends on you.

9. Donation
You can also ask for a donation if you want to build a non-profitable community that have a good cause or just ask for a donation to support what you do. You can use PayPal to have a Donation link button.

10. Sell your Service
If you are a professional and want to promote your service then this is great for you. This is how I make money every month and also a good way to get extra cash. I promote my Architectural Design sErvice and get at least 1-3 clients every month which brings me at least $1,000 per month or more. Isn’t it great? you don’t need to walk outside to find client but you only need to promote through online community and platforms.

Bonus Tip: Promote Free using Facebook Groups
Lastly, this is another bonus tip for you for reading up to here. We know that facebook lower the reach of pages to make people use paid advertisement, but thankfully there is another way to promote freely and that is by using facebook groups which is great to reach the right client for you, you just need to at least share your service or product to 7-10 groups daily and wait for customers or buyers and clients to come in through your inbox! This is also great to get more facebook page likes and have more targeted followers and customers.

Final Thought
Creating $100 weekly isn’t that hard if you will just be creative and work hard to find a way to make extra cash and have a good source of monthly income even you are anywhere or comfortably at home. I hope this helps you and please make sure to share to your friends and family! 

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