How to make money on youtube in 2020: Ways to Monetize My Youtube

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Today Starting a YouTube channel have been popular. There are many ways to make money today on Youtube, that you can start applying on your Youtube channel. 

So here are the popular ways to monetize your Youtube Channel and start making money on youtube. 

How to Make Money on Youtube:

1. Get paid through Google Adsense
a. Accomplish Google Partner Requirements
•First is you need to have 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within 12 months.
•Second is Growing your YouTube Channel.
•Third and lastly continue creating trending, engaging, entertaining & informative content.

How much can I earn from 1,000 views?
There is no exact or right or wrong answer, this will always depend on many factors like ads click, views and many more. But the common answer would range from $1-$4 per 1,000 views or CPM. And also there is additional to that like how many times people click on your ads from google.

Many people always tell that Google Adsense Income is a great source of motivation to create more engaging videos, but there are still more ways to create more money on youtube.

2. Affiliate Marketing
This is the better way to make money on youtube than google Adsense. There is a greater potential in earning more and you can scale up the more you do more hustle in promoting your affiliate link and creating creative ways to promote it to your audience.

How to start in Affiliate Marketing?
For starters or newbie, first is by joining the Affiliate Program. Here is some list of Affiliate Program you can join, Clickbank, Shareasale, Amazon, Lazada, Hosting sites, Domain sites and Shopify and many more.

How can I make money with Affiliate Marketing?
You can start by signing up first and then after getting the account then you can start promoting their products or service. You will be given an affiliate link where you can add to your youtube description box and promote it there.

How Much can I earn from Youtube Affiliate Marketing?
You can earn as much as you want, but you need the right strategies and you need to hustle more to gain more sales on affiliate marketing.

3. Sponsored Post
After getting thousands of subscribers & followers & watch time, then you can start getting sponsored posts. Sponsored post is a promoted post, this is paid and the goal here is that a company or individual get paid advertisement through your sponsored post. You’ll help them to promote or market their post or product or service.

How much do I get paid from sponsored posts on Youtube?
The Standard payment for Youtube channel that has 10,000 subs or followers is having a range from $50-$200. this is just a range and it can be higher or lower depends on your type of niche.

Where can I get a Sponsored post?
You can reach out from other companies related to your niche that you are offering sponsored posts. You can also get sponsored posts organically when advertiser are looking for someone they want to engage with, they will automatically send you a an email for a sponsored post offer.

4. Sell your own Merchandise
This is also one of the best ways to make money on your youtube channel. If your niche is about beauty topics. Then you can start selling your own makeup merchandise or re-selling products on youtube. There are many YouTubers there that are selling their own products like t-shirts, food products, home tools or school merchandise or DIY items. There are many ideas out there you can start selling. Always remember to think of something related to your niche or youtube channel.

5. Sell Online Course
This might be harder than selling your own physical product. Creating your own online course would take at least 1month-6months, this could be less or more time needed. But before creating your product make sure to know first if there is a market or people who will want to buy your online course. After creating your online course then you start to work hard more in selling and promoting your own online course. You have to study social media marketing and understand the market and your competition.

6. Membership
To start selling membership on your Youtube Channel you need to be at least 18 years old and have more 30,000 subscribers.
Selling membership example is making your fan to pay more or extra amount to your youtube channel to get more from you.

7. Donation or Fund Raise
This is also a great idea to make money on youtube. You can ask for a donation or do Fundraise for a nonprofit organization or for a non-profitable event for a good cause or good welfare of people. Though there are only specific niche that can start asking for donation or fundraise like niche related to Religion, spiritual, Health or lifestyle or disasters or events that people need help or tom improve people’s lives.

8. Super chat payments
To activate your super chat you must be at least 18 years old and this feature is only available to selected countries. You will be paid from your fans that want to have the ability to have their message to be highlighted in your live chats during your live streams.

9. Provide Service
Youtube has been a great platform in helping businesses and individuals who want to showcase their skills, talents or business. In Youtube, you can promote and market your service and getting clients and customers to pay for your service. You could teach people on youtube about something and provide service that they get extra learning when they buy your service for them.

10. Provide Coaching/Consultancy
Lastly, Providing Coaching and Consultancy. If you are good at coaching people or maybe providing a consultation if your an expert or professional to something then you can start making money on youtube by providing coaching or consultation. There are many niches on youtube that are earning from coaching or consultancy, examples are Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Fashion Coach, Business or Personal Finance Coach or Consultancy to the specific industry that you have knowledge or expertise.


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