How to sell in Shopee Philippines: Complete Beginner Guide 2020

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How to sell in Shopee Philippines Complete Beginner Guide 2020

How do I become a seller in Shopee Philippines?

If you want to earn extra money selling online at your home then this is for you. You should read this up to the end to discover how you can sell on Shopee Philippines and become a Shopee Seller today! 

Types of Shopee Seller:

a. Official Shops or Shopee Mall Sellers – These Sellers are part of an exclusive marketplace called shopee mall. There products are branded and all items are new.

b. Preferred Seller – are Sellers with Preferred Seller Labels on their Profile. They are only chosen by shopee and they have privileges that other seller doesn’t have. Also when buyers buy from them they get some cash back or discounts.

c. Overseas Sellers – are sellers from China or South Korea.

d. No Label Sellers – are the customers to customers sellers. They can buy and sell on Shopee.

How do I start selling on Shopee?

Step by step Guide in Selling in Shopee:

1. Download Shopee App – This is the first step in selling on Shopee, you have to download their app to start selling on their platform.

2. Register on Shopee App – Register using your contact number or Email Address. Pro-Tip: Use your active contact number and email for registering to Shopee.

3. Submit a Completed Online Registration Form – You have to verify your mobile phone. 

4. Create Your Online Seller Account – After waiting for 5-10 days, Shopee Sales Representative will contact you if they have approved you as a Shopee Seller. 

5. Request for Courier – After receiving an approval. You can Request Black Arrow or Ninja Van or more at shopee courier choices. You can received this after 3-7 days. 

6.  Start Adding Products – You can now add products on your Shopee Seller Account App. You can upload pictures, videos from your camera or Instagram. 

7. Start Earning! Earn money working from home with Shopee!


Pro Tips: (This help us reach 1k followers and sell more than P5k-10k monthly!)

a. Use Shopee Marketing Platform using your internet browser or google chrome. You can Add Discounts, Promos, Free shipping and Cashback.

b. Create Catchy Title and Description for your product. 

c. Give Freebies!

d. Be good to your buyers.

e. Reply and update your buyers. 

f. Join Shopee Sale.

g. Make sure you pack your products well and safe for shipping.

h. Always update your inventory if you still have stock or check your supplier if they have more stock for every products you have. 

i. Lastly, always be courteous and patient to your customers and buyers.

k. You can Boost 5 of your products free every 4 hours. 

l. You can use live video on shopee to get more exposure and to sell used items or pre-loved products.

m. After Uploading 200-1,000 Products you can already rest and wait for orders to come. So, meaning you don’t need to update your shopee account every hour. You can check it once or twice a day only for few minutes or when you receive a notification when there is an order or message to you. 

n. Always take advantage of Shopee Live to get more real time customers and talk with them and ask them what they want and need. This is the best way that help us sell our pre-loved dresses and now we have als our own clothing line.

o. they also have Shopee Feed where you can post videos and pictures and tag your products and put some hashtag on it to reach more customers that are related to your niche store.

You can visit out our Online shop Shopee Here.

We are open for Re-sellers and happy to help you out as a starter. send us a message also at our Facebook Page Celebrityshopph 

Final Thoughts

It is very easy to start selling on Shopee and you can start earning money with little capital. You can Sell even you are a re-seller of something and even your products are not branded or used for ukay ukay or pre-loved items. Happy Shopee Selling!



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Shopee is all about online deals, promos, and huge sales! If you are unsure on how to use Shopee, you’ve come to the right place! We’re giving you all the tips to make the most out of your online shopping experience. Get ready for the next BIG and EXCITING Shopee Sale! Be a strategic online buyer and a pro-Shopee user by following these quick and easy tips:

1) Shopee Flash Sale

shopee flash deals

What is a flash sale? These are items, in limited supply, that are discounted for a specific time slot only.

The best thing about Shopee Flash Deals is that you can easily navigate through all the listings. You can find top picks and items selling out for the day, and you can even see which items will be on discount for the next timings! One of the best Shopee Flash Deal tricks we can give you is to press that “Remind Me” button, so that you don’t miss the time slot of your preferred item. 

A few other Flash Sale techniques:

  • Be online at least 3 minutes before the timing, especially if the product you want to buy is low on stock
  • Click on the product link in advance to proceed to checkout immediately once the flash item is live; and
  • Make sure you have a fast internet connection!

They’re called flash sales for a reason, and you’ll want to be first in line to grab such bang-for-your-buck deals. 

2) Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers

shopee free shipping

Make sure you checkout with Free Shipping Vouchers to save up on additional expenses. Some are pre-loaded to your account during big sale days, and you can collect even more vouchers through many different ways! Look out for products with the Free Shipping badge. The only thing better than online shopping is online shopping with no delivery fee! 

If you love awesome deals, you’ll definitely have a great shopping experience on Shopee. Navigate through Voucher Promotions and discover over ₱1,000 worth of discounts! Shopee offers Seller Vouchers across all your favorite categories so that you can shop and save at the same time. These are usually limited, be quick and shop now!

3) ShopeePay Exclusives


Shopee’s eWallet is convenient to top up with loads of payment options available, and it’s so much quicker to checkout your orders. Another great thing about ShopeePay is that you get more exciting deals! You can claim more Free Shipping Vouchers, Discount Vouchers, and even get exclusive discounts on Shopee Load and Bills Payment. Top up now and enjoy ShopeePay Thursdays when all offers are upsized, enjoy bigger discounts and additional vouchers!

4) Lowest Price Guaranteed

lowest price guaranteed

Once you see the Lowest Price Guaranteed badge on an item, you’ll know that you are buying the lowest possible price online. With our Lowest Price Guaranteed listings, you won’t have to spend too much for quality items. If you see a lower price on the same product, you can actually make a claim and get Shopee Coins up to 1.2x the difference back! 

5) Shopee Double Double Sale

double double

If you’re new here, you might be confused about the meaning of Shopee 8.8, 9.9, and everything that follows. We call these Double Double Sales and these are the most anticipated monthly sales of the Shopee Fam! Every month, you can look forward to Double Double Sales full of promos, discounts, and fun! Be sure to check the Shopee app regularly, because the next Double Double Sale is one you won’t want to miss. Prepare your carts and get ready to shop ‘til you drop when the next huge sale comes!

6) Shopee Games

shopee games

Shopee is more than just an online marketplace, it’s your new source of entertainment. There are so many Shopee Games to play! Get the chance to win coins, discount and cashback vouchers, and grand prizes such as brand new electronics or cash! If you take your gaming seriously, read up on Hacks You Should Know When Playing Shopee Games for better chances of winning. 

Take these Shopee sale tips and tricks to heart and prepare for the next big shopping sale on Shopee! Say goodbye to high shipping fee costs, expensive products, and quickly sold-out items, and say hello to Lowest Price Guaranteed items, discount and free shipping vouchers, amazing discounts, Shopee Games, and more. Be a pro-Shopee buyer today!

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