How to Sell on Lazada: Step by Step Beginners Guide 2021

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How to Sell on Lazada: Step by Step Beginners Guide


You can sell any product if you sell it on the right marketplace and the right target audience.


There are so many online marketplaces around the world, but which one is best for your business? To date, Lazada is the topmost online e-commerce platform for sellers and buyers in South East Asia.


So, if you are planning to open an online store in Lazada, here are some things you need to know and what you will do.


What can you sell on Lazada?

The categories of things you can sell on Lazada is ranging from clothing to TV, toys to books, beauty to home decor. The most popular variety is fashion items, homeware, and electronics. Keep in mind that there are also items you cannot sell on Lazada. These are food items that do not comply with food regulation requirements, duplicate or harmful software, weapons of any sort, obscene images, anything that portrays vulgarity., telecommunication equipment, gaming or gambling products that are restricted, chemicals, toxins, and acid.


Now you know what you can sell and whatnot, it’s time for you to register and make an account to start selling on Lazada.

Support Center | Getting started | Lazada PH | Lazada Seller Center


How to become a seller in Lazada

  • Requirements

You need to go to BIR and get a BIR Form 2307, also known as Certificate of Registration, along with a DTI Business permit and DTI/SEC Business registration. Once you have it prepared, you can now create a seller account at Lazada.


  • Sign Up on Lazada

Go to and click ‘Sell on Lazada,’ then click ‘Become a Seller Now.’ 


Next, choose how you want to sell.


If you have a little store, choose local seller. Lazmall seller are for licensed manufacturers of a certain product line. LazGlobal sellers are stores who sell across Lazada’s platform across their territories. Next, choose if you are an individual or corporate seller. Put your mobile number and slide to verify. Then, fill in account information, review the contract and click the checkbox. Select ‘Sign Up.’

Download and sign the contract. Upload it again together with the required documents above. Verify your account via email and change your password. You will receive emails for training and registration of your Payoneer card as well.


Lazada Seller Fees

Lazada allows you to list products without any upfront investment, but still there are a few types of fees you need to know.


  • Commission rates – varies from 1-4%, based on the item category.

  • Value added tax GST – varies from country to country, but in the Philippines, it is 12%.


  • Account processing fee – 2% of the total amount of each order


  • Shipping fee – depends on the type of product and country the items to be delivered.

 In Thailand, how does Lazada compare to five of its competitors? |  Tagtoo科技-Blog

How to Increase your Sales

Fundamental question. There are a lot of things you need to consider, but you need to know the basics.


  1. Have clear, concise, and high-quality content and products.

  2. Include at least 3 product images (Better if you can do take the front, back, and side photo)

  3. Fill in the key product information appropriately.

  4. Make your product title and keywords match the search terms to get your items on Lazada’s ranking algorithm.

  5. Choosing the right product category

  6. Include discounts and promotions.

  7. Competitive price of your product

  8. Ensure you have good ratings and reviews.

  9. Give free shipping.

  10. Lazada University provides courses, workshops, and materials to help sellers improve their sales. Grab the chance to utilize this free training.


Now that you know the basics, you can now start your online business and make your way to your success!


Tips to sell more on lazada app:

  • sell on facebook
  • sell on instagram
  • sell on tiktok
  • sell on your owne website
  • market online
  • use facebook ads
  • use google ads
  • join sale promotion on lazada
  • be accomodating on buyers
  • update products
  • deliver on time
  • always be responsive to buyers
  • join campaigns 
  • advertise with influencers, vloggers, website blogs, artist and influential people or brand related to your product.

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