How to start a Small Business without Money in the Philippines 2020? Ultimate Beginner Guide 2020

How to start a Small Business without Money in the Philippines 2020? Ultimate Beginner Guide. We have a list of things you need to know in starting a business and grow your business with no capital

How to start a small business without money?

No cash? No problem! How to start a business with no money

Can people really start a small business without money? The answer is yes. You can start a small business without money or cash on your hand. You just need to think big and have a smart idea that can help you create your dream business without using money from the start.

This is the list of questions people ask when they want to start there first business: And we will answer all those questions and I will help you also to start a small business without money and learn how to start a low capital small business.

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1. How to start a small business?

a. Think of Something You like and would love to do. You should always do things that you love and like, so even you hit the wall and even you fail you can still stand up from that failure and make that as a stepping stone to improve your small business and get it right on the second time.

b. Do some research for in-demand small business. You should make your own research which is popular business these days and what people would love and like or create something big that we don’t have in our society, maybe you can think of something how you can improve people lives more and help them solve their problems and for sure you can hit it big time. Though everything takes time but I promise you if you never give up you can make it.

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c. Think of something that can help and changed people lives or improve their lives. Like what I said above you should always create something that will give value to other people and to only think about how much you will earn but think about how you can change people’s lives better.

d. List down Small business you want to start and dream. You should think of something that is in demand and also you would love and like to do until 10 years or more in doing business. Then create feasibility studies if it will work or not. Think of its Pro’s and Cons Then you can then narrow down to the business that will be more feasible.

e. Analyze how you can improve small businesses related to the business you list. This is very important you should learn how to improve and see what is lacking to your competitors and how you can give more value to your customers or clients which will help your business grow more.

f. Check the Market for your business. Always check if there is a demand for your business and see if there is a chance it will be popular in the future. Create some scenarios and do some questions like what if and what to do in the future that can affect your business like the COVID 19 that entrepreneurs don’t see and expect that will happen and it shutdowns many businesses and close big companies and even it bankrupt many businesses.

g. Create Actionable Business Plan. This is the most important, you can see a lot of how to create a business plan in the google search but actually this is very simple to make but hard to follow and apply in real-life business situations. That’s why you should create a business plan that is easy to follow by you and your target customers. The simple thing you need to have has the right goals, vision, target customers and improve the value you provide more and always satisfy your clients or customers.

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2. What are the things I need to start a small business?

a. Smart Idea
b. Hard work & Dedication
c. Passion
d. Connections to your target customers
e. List of Sponsors or Investors to finance your small business.

3. Can I start a Small business with little Capital?

Yes, you can start a small business without really having cash at the start of building your first business. You just need to think something about how can you can create a business model that can be scaled up even without money but through connections, you can get a financial assistant and without having debt. You can Start a Small business at your home or do some online business that really doesn’t need money at the start but only time and work to start creating your business.

4. What are the best small business ideas today without money?

How To Start An Online Business Today With No Money

Here are the list of Small Business Ideas you can start without money:

a. Start Blogging today. You can start a blog today for free using blogger or with a little capital to buy your own hosting and we recommend Bluehost and hostinger to start your website blog business.

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b. Real Estate Business – You can do some Property management without really buying a property or house or condominium, by just connecting with landlords and property owner you want to manage for them and earn from it by renting it out or leasing it for them and you earn money just by managing their property. This is another good way to start a small business without money.YouTube for Beginners: How to Start a Channel for Your Business

c. YouTube Business. This is very popular and always in demand. Based on a Market Research created by Google for 2020, there would be a 50% increase in demand in Video Content and people still want more of video content. Everyday many people are watching youtube everyday. You can start your Youtube Channel Today and start creating a Specific Niche for your business model. You can start with the 3 biggest niche and it is Wealth, Health & Relationship. You can also promote your service here by creating videos that showcase your skills or create content that helps people or entertain them.

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d. Affiliate Marketing Business – If this is the first time you hear about affiliate marketing, Then you can learn more about here. Affiliate Marketing is promoting a product or service by other people or company and you earn a commission for promoting it and for having sales. You can start an Affiliate Business just using your Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Blogger, TikTok, Snapchat or more. There are many Affiliate Programs you can join out there, like Amazon, eBay, lazada, Clickbank, CJ affiliate or more. You can promote it for free on Facebook groups by the search for a product that is popular and have great value and now do some research on Facebook groups and share your affiliate link or even on your Facebook page. Many people are earning from this today and you can also promote with paid ads through Facebook boost if your extra money to pay for it and get a profit from it.

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e. Buy and Sell Business – You can think of anything you want to buy and sell, it can be an automobile, real estate, clothes, gadgets, appliances, furniture, fixtures, furnishings, artwork, jewelry, food or more. I have a friend who becomes a millionaire just to buy and sell cars and then become big time after having an offer to sell luxury cars and buy it for a low cost and sell it for a higher price.

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f. Middleman Business – This can be by offering other products or services and earn from adding overhead cost or price to it by just managing the transactions and earn from it. Many people are doing this and if you get the concept well and apply it to big business out there you can earn a lot and can help you start a small business without really using money, but by only your hard work, connections of people, trust from people who knows you and some skills and thinking smart, you can be successful in creating a small business without money.

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g. Manpower Agency Business – This business needs a lot of connection and trust from people. You can provide manpower to people abroad or locally by providing people you will refer to them as an employee. People Earn from this and can help you become successful if you do this right. But you also need little money to start connecting and applying for business permits and licenses.

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5. How can I grow my small business?

You can grow your business by scaling it up, hiring people to manage it for you, improving your business plan and business model, Do more Research and development, Hire talented people, promote and improve your marketing. You should also build trust with your customers, clients, and love your employees to help you get more businesses.

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6. How to get more customers for my business?

You can get more customers by utilizing Social Media. You can promote on Facebook, Instagram, Google Business or creating your own Website. You can do Paid Advertisement or Organic Advertisement without paying ads. You can put Banner or Tarpaulin in your local cities or do a National TV or Radio advertisement. You can get customers from your past customers that refer you for doing good business from you.

So that’s all and I hope you learn something this blog. If you learn something please share it with your friends.


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