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Write for us! Guestpost! Be an Author. Join our Team! ThePassiveFinace.com


Build your brand by sharing expert tips and useful advice to our 100,000+ loyal readers each month!

Benefits of being an Expert Author at ThePassiveFinance.com

  1. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Sharing expert tips related to your industry through articles will make your audience know who you are and how good you are in what you do as a professional or business person.
  2. Promote your business or organization in a natural way. Guest blogging is a form of inbound marketing or magnet marketing. When you share a value to your target audience, they come to you naturally without disturbing them.
  3. Reach your target audience. Your expert article is published and promoted to reach your target audience based on their location, interest, and other demographics.
  4. Attract potential clients or future employers. By regularly contributing high-quality articles based on your expertise, you will become more discoverable by your potential clients or potential employers.
  5. Be visible on Google and other search engines. Our blog posts are indexed and ranked on Google. By becoming our guest author, your name and brand become more searchable on Google by people who matters most to you.
  6. Be a social media influencer. Our blog posts are also shared and promoted on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You also have the option to include your social media profiles in your bio so that your readers can follow you.
  7. Enhance your writing skills. Guest blogging is a great way to practice and enhance your writing skills. And since you are obliged to do research, you also gain more knowledge. We also give free tips and coaching to our guest author on how to make their piece more attractive to audience.
  8. Help people and change the world. Let your useful and inspiring tips reach a wide audience. By providing answers to people’s questions and giving them solutions for free, you will be fulfilling your social responsibility.

Aside from the perks above, we also prioritize our expert authors for client referrals. We are also building a directory of experts in our site to list all our expert authors and their companies to give them more exposure.

Expert Authors and topics we’re looking for

  1. Business owners, founders and CEOs – Tips for starting and managing a business in PH & Foreign  Countries
  2. Business Consultants – Tips for achieving business growth and success in PH & Foreign  Countries
  3. Management Consultants – Tips on management, leadership and productivity for PH & Foreign  Countries
  4. Certified Public Accountants – Tips on taxation, accounting, bookkeeping and auditing in PH & Foreign  Countries
  5. Tax professionals – Tips on business taxation and compliance in PH & Foreign  Countries
  6. Financial analysts and economists – Tips on business investing in PH & Foreign  Countries
  7. Marketing consultants – Tips on marketing and advertising a business in PH & Foreign  Countries
  8. Lawyers – Tips about business and labor laws in PH & Foreign  Countries
  9. Personal Finance Coach – Tips about Personal Finances
  10. Social Media Marketing Tips – Tips about social media marketing and guides.
  11. Lifestyle & Travel Blogger – Anything about Lifestyle & Travel articles.
  12. Wealth Mentor & Millionaires Advice – Anything about ways to make money, save money or how to invest and create Financial Freedom
  13. Architects, Interior Designer & Engineers – Anything about Architecture, Interior Design ad Engineering Works you can share about home design ideas, interior ideas, construction techniques and how to do construction business and how to deal with clients. You can also share any images or videos from your projects or someone projects make sure to get permission first. 
  14. Writers, Bloggers & Vloggers – Someone who can write related to our blogs category like, How to, Guides, Tutorials, Ideas and DIY or related to Health, Make Money, Popular News and Trending topics around the world.

Requirements for articles to be approved

  1. Must be a minimum of 1,000 words. You can write up to 4,000 words if you like.
  2. Must have any of the words “Tips, Ways, Secrets, Steps, Reasons, How To, or Guide, Ideas, DIY, Top List” on its title or headline. These words will make your headline more catchy and attractive to readers.
  3. Must be unique and hasn’t been published elsewhere. You will grant ThePassiveFinance.com the exclusive right to publish your article under your authorship.
  4. Must be related to business, Make Money, Personal Finance, How to, Guides, Ideas, Listicles, Health, Design or Lifestyle Our audience are Filipinos, OFWs and foreigners who are interested in PH business.
  5. Must not be an advertorial article or written just to promote your business or your client’s business, or written just to get yourself a back link. This kind of articles usually doesn’t attract readers.
  6. Must be a useful article that will satisfy the needs or answer the questions of your target audience. This kind of article usually attracts readers and sharers.
  7. Must not contain irrelevant links or links that have less value to the article. We will not accept articles that are written for SEO and link building purposes.
  8. Must be originally written by you using your real name and must be related to your expertise
  9. Must Like, Subscribe to our Social Media Accounts Facebook and this website. To get Latest Updates from us.

Note: To conform to Google’s publishing guidelines, the link to your own website will have a nofollow relation attribute. This is to make both of our sites safe and prevent a future penalty from Google.

Steps for submission of your article

  1. Email your article, short bio, profile picture, and some photos you may want to include in your article at [email protected] Your short bio may contain your name, job, company name, website, social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), email.
  2. Wait for our reply to confirm receipt of your email
  3. Wait for the result of our background check and review on your article (whether it’s rejected, need improvement or approved).
  4. If approved, wait for our message telling you that your article was already published.

We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not conform to our guidelines. For your questions, please send us a message to [email protected] 

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